2018 Courses

Join Ancient Explorations' Director Dr. Ed Barnhart in 2018 for two exciting and informative travel courses to Southern England and the American Southwest.

Ancient Southern England: Stonehenge, Avebury, and the Archaeology of King Arthur

A one-week travel course from June 25 – July 2 in and out of London. This course will cover Neolithic England through the times just after Roman Occupation Period. Places visited during the week will include the British Musuem, the world's largest megalithic stone ring, Europe's tallest pyramid, and a variety of sites believed to be connected to the myth of King Arthur. The last day of the course will feature exclusive access into the center of Stonehenge at dawn to watch the summer solstice sunrise as it was done 4000 years ago.

Ancestral Pueblo Ruins of the American Southwest: Canyon de Chelly, Mesa Verde, Hovenweep, Aztec, Salmon and Chaco Canyon

This one-week travel course from July 12 - 19 will drive in a wide loop through the Southwest and the Four Corners region. Some of the most important and beautiful Ancestral Pueblo ancient communities will be explored along the way. During on-site discussions and evening lectures, Dr. Barnhart will explain much of what we know - and still don't know - about one of North America's most amazing ancient cultures.